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There have been several lists of the top call center experts to follow on Twitter. While helpful, these lists left me wondering how to determine who the truly most influential tweeters in the call center industry are. I decided to do some analysis on the top call center tweeters and general call center industry tweeting.

What were my findings?


I ran an analysis of every tweet that used either the #CCTR hashtag or #CUSTSERV hashtag. I then further divided the results to only look at the statistics for #CCTR. So this article and analysis will only cover people, brands and tweets that used the #CCTR hashtag.


#CCTR Hashtag Overview

There were 3,900 tweets created using the #CCTR hashtag during the month of September. These 3,900 tweets created 10 million impressions. 799 people contributed to #CCTR during the month of September.

The most activity was 227 tweets on the second Wednesday, September 11th. Activity drops 60% – 85% on Saturdays. Thursdays were the most active days of the week except for during the 2nd week. Sunday was typically the least active day of the week, followed by Saturday. During the week Mondays and Tuesdays tended to have low activity.

Impressions were also the lowest on the weekend. This is most likely due to low tweeting activity. For example, the tweet that received the 6th most impressions was sent on Saturday the 28th by Intradiem.


Take Away:

You may want to test sending your most important tweets during low traffic activity days, such as the weekend and beginning of the work week. There might be fewer eyeballs on Twitter, but you may also have less competition for those eyeballs.


Top Influencers Superlatives


Most Influential

@stealeyreed has a multiplier of 1.88x, meaning that for every 10 impressions she receives from her followers, she receives an additional 8-9 impressions from retweets, replies and mentions.


Most Powerful Retweet

Retweets of @MKCallConsult have the furthest reach. The average retweet of a @MKCallConsult tweet receives 8,568 impressions.


Most Likely to Impress

@flavmartins had the highest total impressions at 18,945,799, total exposure at 22,275,483, and retweets at 428, a result of having the second-largest following at 31,937 and the most tweets at 600.


Most Likely to be Retweeted

@McGeeSmith tweets were retweeted 81% of the time. She received 36 retweets from 44 tweets.


Most Popular

@BradBennett has the most followers, 42,035.


How To Read The Influencer Data

The following influencers and brands are not in order of rank or importance. I do not believe there is enough data to accurately rank people and everyone on this list is worth noting.

I will review the first influencer, @flavmartins, to provide an example of what each number means and how I interpret the number. “Followers” is the number of followers on the day I collected the data, October 3rd. Flavio had 31,937 followers on October 3rd. This is the second-largest number of followers from the influencers included in my analysis.

“Tweets” is the number of tweets the person/brand tweeted during September with either the #CCTR or #CUSTSERV hashtag. “Impressions” is how many impressions the person/brand received from their tweets. In Flavio’s case, he received 18,945,799 impressions from 600 tweets that included either #CCTR or #CUSTSERV. That 18 million sounds like a lot at first, but it is really just the number of followers times Flavio’s 600 tweets, the most tweeted by anyone in September.

“Retweets” is the number of retweets the person/brand received from their tweets that included either the #CCTR or #CUSTSERV hashtag. Retweets/Tweets is the percentage we get from dividing retweets by tweets. Flavio received 428 retweets from 600 tweets for a retweets to tweets percentage of 71%. 428 retweets is the highest number of retweets anyone received last month and 71% is the second-highest percentage, meaning there is a good probability that a tweet by Flavio will be retweeted.

“Total Exposure” is the total impressions from all tweets, retweets, replies and mentions that included either #CCTR or #CUSTSERV. The delta, or Total Exposure minus Impressions, gives the number of additional impressions gained from retweets, replies and mentions. Delta/retweets is the delta divided by retweets. Flavio had a total exposure of 22,275,483. When we subtract his original impressions we get a delta of 3,329,684. When we divide the delta by Flavio’s 428 retweets we get 7,780. This means Flavio gets an average of 7,780 impressions per retweet. 7,780 is the second-highest number of impressions per retweet, which tells me Flavio has one of the strongest engaged audiences.


Complete Influencer Data


Flavio Martins @flavmartins

Followers: 31,937

Tweets: 600

Impressions 18,945,799

Retweets 428

Retweets/Tweets 71%

Total Exposure: 22,275,483

Delta:  Total Exposure – Impressions 3,329,684

Delta/Retweets 7,780

Multiplier: 1.18x


Kate Nasser @KateNasser

Followers: 28,721

Tweets: 284

Impressions: 7,299,318

Retweets 106

Retweets/Tweets 37%

Total Exposure: 7,772,663

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 473,345

Delta/Retweets 4,466

Multiplier: 1.06x


Bill Quiseng @billquiseng

Followers: 6,742

Tweets: 273

Impressions: 1,754,698

Retweets 52

Retweets/Tweets 19%

Total Exposure: 2,126,465

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 371,767

Delta/Retweets 7,149

Multiplier: 1.21x


Melissa Kovacevic @MKCallConsult

Followers: 5,430

Tweets: 97

Impressions: 508,880

Retweets 20

Retweets/Tweets 20%

Total Exposure: 680,240

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 171,360

Delta/Retweets 8,568

Multiplier: 1.34x

Brad Bennett @BradBennett

Followers: 42,035

Tweets: 283

Impressions: 11,823,327

Retweets 31

Retweets/Tweets 11%

Total Exposure: 11,972,433

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 149,106

Delta/Retweets 4,810

Multiplier: 1.01x


Sarah Stealey Reed @stealeyreed

Followers: 1,094

Tweets: 155

Impressions: 122,395

Retweets 51

Retweets/Tweets 33%

Total Exposure: 230,587

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 108,192

Delta/Retweets 2,121

Multiplier: 1.88x


Sheila McGee-Smith @McGeeSmith

Followers: 3,862

Tweets: 44

Impressions: 163,182

Retweets 36

Retweets/Tweets 81%

Total Exposure: 224,495

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 61,313

Delta/Retweets 1,703

Multiplier: 1.38x


Annette Franz @annettefranz

Followers: 5,608

Tweets: 85

Impressions: 458,891

Retweets 15

Retweets/Tweets 18%

Total Exposure: 510,600

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 51,709

Delta/Retweets 3,447

Multiplier: 1.11x


Greg Levin @greg_levin

Followers: 2,674

Tweets: 71

Impressions: 183,617

Retweets 26

Retweets/Tweets 37%

Total Exposure: 227,216

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 43,599

Delta/Retweets 1,677

Multiplier: 1.24x


Greg Sherry @GregSherry

Followers: 4,134

Tweets: 170

Impressions: 649,670

Retweets 27

Retweets/Tweets 16%

Total Exposure: 692,321

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 42,651

Delta/Retweets 1,580

Multiplier: 1.07x


Top Brands Superlatives


Most Impactful

@Fonolo received the highest number of additional impressions from retweets, replies and mentions. They received 122,866 additional impressions, making their Twitter activities one of the most impactful.


Most Likely to Impress

@Intradiem had a multiplier of 3.61x, meaning Intradiem receives an additional 3.61 impressions from retweets, replies and mentions for every impression they receive from their own tweets.


Most popular

@Zendesk is by the most popular brand with 47,987 followers. The high following and active use of the #CCTR and #CUSTSERV provides Zendesk the most impressions, retweets and exposure.


Most Active

@inContact was the most active in September with 179 #CCTR and #CUSTSERV tweets.


Complete Brands Data


Fonolo @Fonolo

Followers: 2,557

Tweets: 68

Impressions: 161,338

Retweets 15

Total Exposure: 284,204

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 122,866

Multiplier: 1.76x


Matt McConnell @Intradiem

Followers: 1,130

Tweets: 37

Impressions: 41,576

Retweets 7

Total Exposure: 150,133

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 108,557

Multiplier: 3.61x


Zendesk @Zendesk

Followers: 47,987

Tweets: 93

Impressions: 4,318,846

Retweets 41

Total Exposure: 4,395,389

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 76,543

Multiplier: 1.02x


ICMI @CallCenterICMI

Followers: 3,351

Tweets: 73

Impressions: 200,712

Retweets 29

Total Exposure: 224,656

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 23,944

Multiplier: 1.12x


Avaya @Avaya

Followers: 18,558

Tweets: 50

Impressions: 915,636

Retweets 38

Total Exposure: 929,837

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 14,201

Multiplier: 1.02x


inContact @inContact

Followers: 4,730

Tweets: 179

Impressions: 150,503

Retweets 11

Total Exposure: 156,136

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 5,633

Multiplier: 1.04x


Genesys @Genesyslab

Followers: 6,554

Tweets: 18

Impressions: 116,614

Retweets 11

Total Exposure: 122,191

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 5,577

Multiplier: 1.05x


ININ @IN_Intelligence

Followers: 4,556

Tweets: 19

Impressions: 80,758

Retweets 5

Total Exposure: 86,240

Delta: Total Exposure – Impressions 5,482

Multiplier: 1.07x



I hope you found this article insightful and helpful. I hope to do a similar analysis each month and provide you with a snapshot of the call center industry twitter chatter.

What additional information would you like included in the next month’s edition? 

This article consisted of just a small portion of my analysis. Feel free to comment or email me if you have a question on a particular person, brand or metric.

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